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Binding is a complex topic for people with body dysphoria, or for those who want to express themselves. Finding the right size is a challenge and safe(r) binding is important to be able to have a long term and sustainable benefit from it.

These references are not meant to give you a bad feeling when binding. Though it does have some risks next to the feel good factor that comes with methods to change your outer appearance. You can avoid some of them or at least find a compromise with your body.

In our Undrowear shop you will find:

Soft Binder - These are elastic in the front as well as in the back and offer more movement flexibility.

Binder - These are quite firm and only elastic in the back. They have a better overall binding effect.

Long Binder - Firm binders as a long top.

Bandeau Binder - Binders with adjustable straps.

On the Queer Lexikon homepage you can find a flyer about binding with further tips.

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  • Binding (compressing the breast tissue to make it look flatter) can help with body dysphoria
  • Not only trans masculine or non-binary people bind and especially not all of them!
  • Binding does not work equally well for all body types
  • The correct binder size is important


(for Undrowear binders)

  • With the size guide help that you can find on our homepage you can determine your individual size. Take into account your chest girth in the first place and eventually also state your underbust size so that the rubber band will not be too loose or too tight
  • If you do not have a measuring tape at hand you can take your regular size as guidance and exchange the product if it does not fit
  • Do not choose a smaller size. It does not bind better and can negatively impact your health and connective tissue
  • The binders’ back intentionally stays elastic to give your lungs some rest and to easier be able to put it on / off


Guidelines for safe(r) binding

  • Do not wear the binder longer than 6-8 hours (and especially not when sleeping)
  • It is good to take breaks from binding. Meanwhile you can do some breathing exercises to train your lungs and to stretch
  • It is best to not bind with tape
  • Avoid binding whilst exercising as your breathing range and movement are restricted during this activity
  • Listen to your body if you experience pain, dizziness or struggle with breathing. Remove the binder for some time.

Possible side effects 

  • If possible try to avoid binding when you plan to undergo a mastectomy. Regular binding can affect skin elasticity which can impact your operation results
  • Binding for a longer time can lead to infections or skin irritations
  • If you experience pain a while after binding please seek professional medical help